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Celebrate today!!! Why not??? So much work & no fun. Everyone should celebrate a birthday at least once in their lifetime. ‘We only live once so they say!’. Celebrate a birthday for your special person or persons, or why not celebrate yourself along with your closest friends. Imagine surprising your love one at their home or even at work. Birthday with Mariachis for your Mom, Dad, Grandmother, Grandfather, Husband, Wife, Son, Daughter or anyone with your extended family. A funny note, in the past we have performed also for pets birthday. TALK ABOUT QUALITY TIME


Weddings are and forever will be a sacred bond between two souls that share infinite love. An unique & unforgettable experiences full of memories to share for all your family members & future generations. Let us share the honor of being part of those memories. At weddings we perform such songs as Sabes Una Cosa, Hermoso Cariño, Somos Novios, Contigo Aprendi, Novia Mia, Si Nos Dejan and much more.


We always enjoy performing at anniversaries, it is special thing to be witness to! How amazing it is to attend couples celebrating 1, 5, 10, 15, 25, even 50 years together. Indeed true love does exists. Even if you don’t have a huge party at a hall or renown venue we can always come at your house and serenade your loved ones, your parents or grandparents.

XV/Sweet 16

In present times when celebrating a Quinceañera or XV’s it has become a religious event of great importance that touches all aspects of a family social circle. The coming of age from childhood to teenager. Usually the celebration starts inside the Church with a religious mass, where the Quinceanera thanks God for all her lifes blessings and ask for guidance towards her future.


Moments in life, unforgettable moments; moments such as the birth of a newborn a birthday, weddings, anniversaries, death of a love one. There are happy moments in life and without a doubt there are hard sad time like today. I can’t even fathom the pain that you and your family must be going thru; it is an honor that you have chosen us to be here with you. Some of the most incredible teaching moments experiences in any Mariachi career in our 17 years with our Mariachi; has been that we met many clients and that also became our friend. How special for us when family members tell us that their dad, mom or loved one specifically requested that our Mariachi be there performing farewell music. It has been a humble experience to be part of families memories in good and sad times.